Friday, November 8, 2013

Get a Frozen Horse!

Went to the ASIFA screening of Frozen on Wednesday night which was preceded by the new Mickey Mouse short, "Get a Horse!" Here's some quick thoughts on each:

Get a Horse!

  • Very kinetic; audiences are going to love this and it will help everyone appreciate Disney history a little more.
  • There's a Marvel tie-in in it.
  • Hopefully this means more Mickey (and gang) shorts
  • This makes very logical and efficient use of 3D; make an effort to see this one in 3D
  • It's very deservedly up for an Oscar


  • Frozen advances CGI animation another step forward and also works in some handdrawn-style whimsy
  • Animation aficionados will recognize a Tangled reference in it. The whole film has the same design aesthetic as Tangled, so much that I kept expecting Rapunzel to show up in it. Turns out she did.
  • The story and characters have weight without weighing you down
  • This one has a lot of singing, including a lot of Broadway-style singing; I think the soundtrack CD for it might even be two discs
  • Pay attention to the credits
  • There's also a little post-credits scene

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