Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Mermaid Ride

Stopped by Disneyland today briefly (basically just for lunch) and saw this announcement for the Little Mermaid ride that is coming to California Adventure in 2011:


This entry of mine at Animated News shows screen shots from the virtual ride-through that appeared on the Little Mermaid DVD that came out in 2006. At the time the DVD came out there were no plans anymore to actually build the ride but sometime later they decided to go through with it. I'm sure it's all because I said in my Animated News article, "I'm casting my vote for the ride to still be made sometime," . . . yeah, right; but it's nice to know that the once scrapped plans for it have been given new life.

UPDATE: Actually, I just found this YouTube video that shows the virtual ride-through:

And for extra kicks here's a video somebody made that I guess is their own take on what a Little Mermaid ride should look like:

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