Saturday, June 20, 2009

Round "UP" UPdated


I hope everyone got to see Disney•Pixar's UP today or that you'll get to soon. Here's links to a couple new articles/reviews about it:
  1. Disney Insider: Main Attraction ("Up, Up, and Away with Director
    Pete Docter")
  2. Chuck Oberleitner's Review at o-meon
  3. The Orange County Register
  4. How Pixar's Up House Could Really Fly (from Wired)
  5. Lou Romano: Art of Up
  6. 'Up' flies high at weekend box office
  7. Well-Rounded Boy, Meet Old Square
  8. Pixar has found its lucky charm in John Ratzenberger
  9. The Korean Face of Pixar's Latest Star
  10. Easter Eggs in Pixar's Up
  11. 'UP' with Dogs - The Reporter
  12. Pixar grants girl's dying wish (OC Register)
  13. Readers worldwide respond to Pixar's granting dying girl's wish
  14. Mastering the Art of Vocals
  15. Man takes cue from 'UP,' floats across English Channel
Here's some links to stories about talking dog collars (real ones) that probably inspired the ones used in UP:
  1. Bowlingual Info
  2. BowLingual on Wikipedia
  3. What's Fido saying? 'Bowlingual' will translate
  4. Japan goes barking mad for dog toy
  5. Tech lite: At home with Bowlingual, the dog bark analyzer

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