Monday, August 3, 2015

Disney Screen

Beginning July 31st (which was actually a few days ago) six Cinemark theaters in the country are trying out the "Disney Screen" program where classic Disney and Pixar films will be shown. Each feature film is also paired with a n animated short. Most of the feature films to be shown are animated but there are a few live-action classics, such as "Swiss Family Robinson," and "The Love Bug."

With each new week a new batch of four films comes that will be presented throughout that week. Each batch is categorized by names such as, "Music Week," "Dogs Week," "Pixar Week," "Animals Week," "Marvelous Machines Week" or "Princess Week." Personally, I am planning on seeing The Aristocats later today and The Jungle Book tomorrow. Check the schedule to see what will be playing near you:

Disney Screen

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