Thursday, May 9, 2013

UP Gets Way More Real

A day or two ago I was wondering if I'd ever see any more examples of things from Pixar's UP being brought into the real world (I think this stream of consciousness may have started when I saw a dog that reminded me of Dug while I was on a walk). Then I thought. "Nah... there's probably not going to be anything else." Well, I'm happy to say I've been totally proven wrong. Following a pin on my niece's Pinterest board I was led to this blog entry of a real life couple at the UP house I've mentioned before where they even go inside the house and pose to recreate various scenes from the beginning of the movie. You have to go there to see all the incredible pictures (they've even recreated the cane with the tennis balls on each foot). Here's just two photos as a very brief tease:

More photos here at Rock and Roll Bride. And here at OC Mom TV.

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