Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean Short Film

Found out about this pretty cool looking 4-film Pirates of the Caribbean box set last night at Amazon in the shape of a pirate's chest. If you do "Click for larger image and other views," and view the second image (or just look at my capture of it above) it says, "Includes never-before-seen short film," and I can't find any information on this Pirates short film anywhere else on the Internet. Guess we'll know more soon...

UPDATE: I have found out from Disney Home Entertainment that this short film is indeed only available on the 15-disc set and is entitled "Wedlocked," and will be on its own Blu-Ray disc. If it's on its own disc then it sounds like it's probably more lengthy than 6 - 8 minutes. Other sites have apparently already been talking about it, like this one, and this one, and it looks like John Vickery is in it who has played Scar in the Broadway production of The Lion King.

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