Saturday, September 12, 2009

On Stranger Tides

When I wrote for Animated News we had a policy that even though it wasn't an animated film that news about the Pirates of the Caribbean film series was fair game to be covered. I'll continue that policy here at this little blog.

Word has just got out that the fourth Pirates film will be subtitled On Stranger Tides. This news was announced at the D23 Expo going on in Anaheim and they even showed a title treatment. Ironically I found this out just a couple hours after riding the attraction at Disneyland with a friend and talking with her about what the fourth film might be like. Some people are wondering if it might be the start of a new trilogy. Honestly, I am looking forward to seeing it but I am kind of hoping for it to exist as its own (mostly) separate, independent movie and to be the last film in the series, period. They should treat it as though it was the only Pirates movie ever made and as though everything rode on it, almost ignoring the prior three films but leaving some story threads that tie into the other movies for those keeping up on continuity.

I didn't despise parts 2 and 3 like some people did. I felt they were immensely imaginative but they still don't grip like the first one does, which felt like it captured lightning in a bottle. Part 4 could redeem all that and wrap things up great without people feeling the weight of another trilogy coming. Here's hoping...

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