Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The food and animation worlds meet

I have a number of interests in life but the two I tend to end up writing about more than others are food and animation. Every once in a while those two worlds overlap for me. I just saw Julie and Julia earlier today and I actually noticed a couple parallels to Ratatouille. Obviously there was all the French cooking and there was also the theme of a relative outcast trying to work their way into the establishment but there was also the theme of the up-and-coming chef receiving spiritual guidance from the famous chef.

When I got back I googled "ratatouille julie and julia" and the first search result was about "ratatouille" the dish, not "Ratatouille" the movie, but the next result was about the movie and was a Yahoo! Finance article giving the results of a Julie and Julia-inspired poll sponsored by Blockbuster where they asked respondents to name their "Favorite On-Screen Chef" and it turns out that Remy from Ratatouille was the clear winner. So, let's hear it for food and animation!

Click here (then scroll down a ways) for pictures of when I went to a Ratatouille event that had some real good artisan foods.

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