Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green Lantern: First DVD

Just picked up the Green Lantern: First Flight DVD and am starting to watch it.

It looks like it'll be pretty good but for some reason they really messed up the character design of Abin Sur. In all his incarnations Abin Sur always looked basically the same, a Yul Brynner-esque humanoid with pink-lavender skin, but on this one he has a highly stylized alien head. My only consolation is that Abin Sur will look correct in the upcoming live action feature film.

Some other minor quibbles as I watch this:

  • Everyone's character design seems slightly off; they seem to be using the slightly-too-angular look of the last decade rather than the more rounded look from the Silver Age that they should've used
  • Is it just me or does Sinestro's skin color keep changing?
  • Ch'p is portrayed as a nervous wimp; I'm sorry but Ch'p from the comic books would never cower before Sinestro
  • I'm not too familiar with the Boodikka character but I don't think she ever went bad in the comic books

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